…I’m Fine

"I'm just sleepy." "It's nothing, I'm just a little tired." "Oh, don't worry, it's just one of those days, you know?" Just this. Just that. Just. Just. Just. There are so many ways that I've modified my "I'm fine" mask -- each new excuse stitching the mask tighter to the flesh on my face. Each … Continue reading …I’m Fine


Our mental illnesses and their nature are ours and ours alone

Aside from the stigma, what else affects our motivation to confide in others about our mental illnesses? Close minded subjectivity. From both personal and third-party perspectives, I have seen how some people examine and address other people's mental illnesses through biased scopes produced by their own individual experiences associated with mental health. For example: A … Continue reading Our mental illnesses and their nature are ours and ours alone

Continue Struggling… Continue Hoping for that Day

I would love to worry about the future, cause the worry would reflect a desire to continue living to see it. I would love to visualize myself in ten or twenty years but my mind only comes up with empty static. I would love to pursue my dreams but my passion has dried up until … Continue reading Continue Struggling… Continue Hoping for that Day

Anxiety, What Are You Like?

My insides heat up and melt together until they've become a single unstable organ, They rattle unsteadily like floorboards strained under the weight of an unending horse race. It surprises me that my ribs manage to keep everything contained -- that they don't snap under the tension caused by the mutant organ. Sometimes my lungs … Continue reading Anxiety, What Are You Like?

Not All Visitors Are Welcome Here

Anxiety grows stronger with every insecurity and fear that we swallow. Depression gradually takes the shape of life-sucking vines that spread from the chest to our fingertips and toes. And these two destructive forces have a fearsome friend that occasionally or (like me) frequently visits: Emotional numbness But how to describe this mysterious and unwanted … Continue reading Not All Visitors Are Welcome Here