Dr. Magic, where art thou?

Ever considered changing who you are with the flip of a switch or the swallowing of a pill?

Ever dreamed of becoming a completely different person — building yourself up from scratch?

It would certainly make some things easier.

In the world of sci-fi and fantasy, we have seen that through powerful superpowers, limitless magic, and even robots/cyborgs — modifying the personalities of human-like beings as easily as a computer program, such as Westworld and Stepford Wives.

But, unfortunately, none of this applies to the real world.

Some years ago, a good friend of mine desperately needed profesional help — she was spiraling down a void of paranoia and depression that was hurting herself and those around her. The only reason why she agreed to seek help was because she was convinced that, through therapy, she would be transformed into a completely different person in a just a few sessions. She saw psychologists as engineers that could quickly fix her mind and mold her into a whole new person… but that’s not how it works.

Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Our brains are not machines from Best Buy

The mind is not a broken computer that can be tweaked and restarted from scratch — the brain is a complex and beautiful mystery that can’t be manipulated so easily.

  • Psychologists are neither magicians nor engineers

Psychologists did not go to Hogwarts or travel back from the future. They are not witches or engineers but guides that aid us on our quests to better ourselves. Their efforts will never bear fruit if we expect them to do all the work. Our minds are ours and ours alone — we’ll never heal or improve if we don’t do our part.

  • You are NOT broken

Despite how we may feel sometimes or — if you’re like me — most of the time, we are NOT broken. Our depressions, anxieties eating disorders, bipolar disorders, OCDs, etc. they do not define us. They are a part of us, but they are not all that were are.

Our passions and fears, our likes and dislikes, our family and friends, our experiences and memories, our hobbies and goals… THESE are what define us (just like for everyone else).

For this reason, therapy and pills do not (and never should) try to make you into someone else.

These treatments try to help you become the best version of yourself — capable of overcoming the obstacles and weaknesses in your mind.


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