Ah, the holidays.

Most religious and/or cultural traditions dedicate time off our busy schedules to focus on spending time with those we care about — be it family, friends, or special other. Who could say no to taking a break from work or studying and doing something fun?

However, if you’re like me, sometimes we need a holiday from our holiday.

With all the numerous family gatherings, cultural festivities, gift shopping, party-planning, and out-of-work responsibilities, the holidays can occasionally feel like a second part-time job.

I have seen so many people become overwhelmed with stress and anxiety during the holidays because they are constantly trying to please everyone else and meet their expectations. They become so drained and tired that they are not able to enjoy the moment as much as they would want to (and deserve to) — this is particularly true for those who host large parties during these times.

I would love to say: FORGET ALL THESE RESPONSIBILITIES AND JUST FOCUS ON HAVING FUN! But, sadly, this can be very difficult. Even during the holidays, there are certain obligations that we cannot take a vacation from.

However, what I do recommend is this: take one whole day off for yourself.

Even amidst all the holiday chaos, treat yourself with 24 hours of whatever makes you happy.

It can be anything

Go to the movies, go on a road trip, spend the whole day sleeping, watch Netflix, play video games, make a six-foot statue of yourself — who cares what it is as long as it’s something that makes you happy! Because everybody deserves to enjoy the holidays.

As two very wise characters from Parks and Recreation love saying:



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