“The World’s Not Perfect But It’s Not That Bad”

Quote from “If We Have Each Other” by Alec Benjamin

Once upon a time, I reached rock bottom.

For more than a few months, I was in a very dangerous and dark place in my mind — darker than I had ever been and, hopefully, ever will be.

I have always tried to deal with these emotions and thoughts on my own; and, for years, it worked. But this can be extremely emotionally draining.

Eventually, I became too tired to continue fighting — I was ready to throw away my sword and shield and just let it engulf me.

And I probably would have. What saved me was speaking out.

I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to get out of this on my own, which is why I confided in a few people that I trusted. To be honest, they didn’t all work out — some made mistakes and unintentionally hurt me in the process. However, there was one person that proved that I had made the right choice: my sister.

Although the battle was still my own, she was there to make sure that I never let go of my sword and shield. She made sure that I kept on fighting, regardless of how hopeless it seemed.

And this is why I thought of her when I heard this song.

For me, this song is a reminder that we need support to fight our own battles: friends, family, lovers — even professional resources like psychologists and psychiatrists.

Help should be offered from and given to all of us … but none will come if we don’t speak up.


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