WAIT! Before helping others…

When confronting our personal demons, we want to help those we care about and we want those we care about to help us as well. However, sometimes these good intentions can become more harmful than helpful.

I’m specifically talking about the times that we sacrifice our own well-being for that of others.

As the saying goes “you need to love yourself, before you can love others,” this also applies to mental health:

“Help yourself before helping others.”

You can’t help others with their emotional/mental battles if you don’t take care of your own. Trust me. With time, it can become a toxic relationship where your own issues are aggravated by theirs and vice versa.

It can reach a point when their mere presence causes irritation and anxiety.

Don’t misunderstand, it’s important to provide support to those we care for, but it’s also important to never forget that YOUR mental health is just as important. Don’t ignore your needs and worries for the sake of others.

Find a balance.

Take time for yourself and your health. Friends and family are NOT personal psychologists. We offer support and guidance but we can’t devote everything that we are and have to that other person.

Love yourself and, if that is still too difficult, be okay with yourself. Don’t neglect yourself.

Because you matter too.


2 thoughts on “WAIT! Before helping others…

  1. I love this so much, its so important. theres a phrase “you can’t pour from an empty cup” meaning you can give and give but once your cup is empty you can’t give anymore. Great post thank you for writing it 🙂


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